I am an AI Ethicist with a passion for social justice and technology.

Over the last 20 years, my corporate work required me to lead global projects in Diversity, Ethics, HR Strategy & Technology spanning more than 20 countries.

I am the founder of Lighthouse Career Consulting and www.AIethicist.org, and have over fifteen years of senior level HR & Sales experience in Fortune 100 companies (Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Marriott Corporation).

As a

  • founding editorial board member of Springer Nature AI & Ethics journal,

  • contributor to different IEEE work-groups establishing AI governance standards,

  • technical expert in AI Policy Exchange,

  • AI Ethics instructor at RMDS,

  • consultant on AI governance,

  • speaker & writer on AI ethics, governance, responsible AI

I work towards increasing public knowledge of the impact of AI and automated decision making systems in our lives while advocating for oversight, transparency or accountability, and enhance the space.  I create an impact in the conversation around AI ethics and bias through lectures, speaking engagements, global collaborations and AIethicist.org platform.

In addition to my initiatives, I also work for a Nevada-based social enterprise (High Sierra Industries) focused on learning systems for individuals with intellectual disabilities. I am in charge of HIPAA Privacy & Security, as well as the overall information security for the organization and multi-discipline projects.

I am honored to serve on the board of directors for Northern Nevada International Center (University of Nevada-Reno), and management committee for Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter.


​​TALKS / WORKSHOPS / CONSULTING at international and local conferences and on-demand organizational events include below. If interested, please contact me.

  • AI & Ethics
  • AI Bias & Social Justice
  • AI Governance
  • AI & Human Resources
  • Future of Work
  • AI in Government
  • Public Disinformation

As an AI ethicist, my pledge is to protect social justice and advocate for AI that protects the rights and dignity of the individual and societies – to the best of my abilities.  aiEthicist.org is my humble attempt to create a global repository of reference material and make it a first stop research point to anyone interested in the current discussions on consequences of automated-decision making and ethical, explainable, unbiased AI systems for social justice.

Lighthouse Career Consulting
WeAreTheCity: AI Ethics for Social Justice Webinar

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