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ANY of these sound Familiar?

  • Graduating soon but not sure how to get that internship or the first job

  • Making a career change but not sure how to move forward

  • Transitioning from Military / Federal life into Civilian

  • Just accepted an expat job, but I never worked in another country

  • Life events happening and it all feels like too much to handle

One of the biggest challenges when going through a transition is to find someone you can trust to bring some perspective to your situation, and support you through what can be a challenging journey as you get to grips with the changes.

​Coaching in these times can help you to

  • Assess and identify your values, skills, knowledge, and strengths against the requirements of the transition,

  • Develop a personal development action plan to address these gaps quickly

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities and clarify early priorities

  • Position your unique set of skills and experience for a given transition


It also helps you gain control of your schedule and planning, so you always have time to step back and reflect on your wins and next steps.

Navigating a career/life transition is no easy feat.  These changes are considered major milestones in your life.  It can sometimes be intimidating or too much effort to go through these changes alone, and try to find the best way to move forward. 

Transition requires you to step outside your comfort zone, take some risks, and to adopt to the new reality according to your values.  It certainly needs time and space for you to reflect and adjust. Some of the common career transitions are

  • Identifying your strengths, areas of development, core values

  • Clarifying senior management's expectations and objectives

  • Building and developing a team

  • Managing multicultural teams

  • Taking over a managerial role for the first time

You might looking to land an internship or your first entry-level job after college. 

You should aim to work with a coach who has worked with some of the top universities in the world, as well as facilitating countless lectures and workshops in these institutions to coach and up-skill hundreds of college students in their preparation and search for their future careers - someone who knows what the ATS as well as the recruiters look for. Lighthouse will help you

  • Have more clarity about the industries you are targeting

  • Identify career options in line with your interests

  • Answer any career questions you might have

  • Clarify with you your values, strengths, timelines

  • Learn about your responses under stress

  • Identify your preferred team / leader models







You made the decision to move into civilian is daunting and it is overwhelming. Length of time in service does not is always disorientating.  But it can be MANAGED.

Lighthouse will


  • BRIDGE THE GAP together with you


  • Translate your hard-earned skills and abilities into a stellar CV

  • Discuss what structures are out there to appreciate your unique skill-set and support diverse workforce

  • Support your job search and preparation

  • Work through your questions about how to move to a different life

It takes a particular expertise to understand your background and ensure that your successes and transferable skills are clearly narrated in a language that the hiring managers in civilian life will appreciate.

Be proud of your experience and let's focus on you do great and with a passion!

Being an expat is probably one of the biggest transitions in life that rolls career changes into family challenges into homesickness into unanticipated travels into a whole identity and soul searching exercise.

Lighthouse will help you / your partner navigate your expat journey if you say Yes to any of the below challenges where you want to

  • Recognize the cultural differences and see how they impact you?


  • Manage the changes that your family also go through, while you are managing your new role?


  • Learn how to maintain contact with your Self while living abroad?


  • Re-discover your old talents and learn how to use them in the new environment?  Discover your new talents?


  • Get back the sense of direction in your (new) life?


  • Discover that living abroad can be a unique opportunity for personal growth?




Lighthouse Career Consulting
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