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Deep inside you know yourself - your strengths, values, uniqueness, habits, and your development areas.  As your coach, I will be here to bring those out to the light with you.

How do I work with you?
The Leap

I will help you think things from different perspectives. Ask questions that you were either avoiding or did not feel safe to answer before.  Make you aware of what WORKS for YOU.  I will provide you with a safe space to be yourself, explore and experiment.

It is a strictly confidential, unconditional acceptance relationship, and I am always humbled and honored by being a part of people's successes.

I am here to facilitate your move forward and your transition become a success.

And yes, we will certainly do action planning as well, and I will hold you up to your commitments. And I will always be honest with you but also always on your side too.

Clients from which US & UK universities?
Road to Monument Valley
  • University of Michigan

  • UC Berkeley

  • Columbia University

  • Georgetown Law

  • University of Washington

  • George Washington University

  • Colgate University

  • Rady School of Management

  • Lubin School of Business, Pace University

  • Ross Business School

  • Cambridge University - UK

  • Oxford University - UK

  • London School of Economics - UK

  • Imperial College - UK

  • UCL (University College London)- UK

  • University of Edinburgh - Scotland

What is a Coach?
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COACHING relationship is quite unique in the sense that coaches constantly both support and challenge you to explore what is most important for you.  The engagement allows for a distraction-free time and space for the coachees to focus on themselves and explore best ways to reach your targets and goals. Coaches stretch their clients' thinking and challenge their frustrations and limiting assumptions and beliefs.  It is the coachee who knows him/herself best and their context - thus is expected to do the thinking to find solutions, directions and actions.

How Does Coaching Work?
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First we need to start a conversation :)  Once you contact me and we will have an initial Introduction call.  You can have the coaching via Skype / FaceTime. 

​If we both think that we are a fit and decide to work together, I will put together a coaching package tailored for you and for your requirements.

Remember - you own the actions in a coaching relationship.  I help my clients to

  • Clarify what they want in their life and career

  • Plan how to get there

  • Manage transitions

  • Work on their confidence and strengths

  • Powerfully transform their mindset

Clients from which International universities?
Crab Nebula
  • Tianjin University - China

  • Beijing Information Science & Technology University - China

  • Tunghai University - Taiwan


  • Ecolé Polytechnique - France

  • HEC - France


  • Universität Frankfurt am Main - Germany

  • Politecnico di Milano - Italy

  • University of Bocconi - Italy


  • Stockholm School of Business - Sweden


  • Bogazici University - Turkey

  • Bilkent University - Turkey

What is a Consultant?

CONSULTANTS are experienced in certain areas and they are hired for their expertise. Consultants are expected to diagnose problems, advise solutions and sometimes actively help the individuals or corporations to implement those solutions.  It differs from coaching as coaches expect and support individuals and or teams to recognize the underlying reasons and find their own solutions and motivations. 

Lighthouse Career Consulting
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