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Your CV / Resume is your sales pitch.  It needs to be tailored for the job you are applying for.  It should stand out not only to the eye but also to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

Lighthouse will

  • Work with you to uncover yourself and build your story on why the employer should want to see you


  • Build an expertly written and keyword-optimized CV for the role you want

  • Review your current CV / Cover letter against the roles you are applying for, and assess to ensure that all your experience, work style and skills are reflected.


LinkedIn Presence consulting can help you improve your existing profile or build a new one, to strategically attract companies and recruiters to you.

To stand out from all your competitors in the market, you need to be clear about your brand, as well as how you want to be perceived online. Lighthouse will

  • Optimize your profile on LinkedIn 

  • Provide you with employer insights


  • Help you grow your on-line network


  • Make your job search more effective


Securing that interview, getting the job and creating that competitive edge is not only about your valuable skills and experience,  but also about preparing and is about telling the story of what makes you a great match for a job.

Work with an industry expert to ensure your CV and LinkedIn profile are what the recruiters look for, and feel prepared and confident when walking into that interview.

Where are you in your 6 degrees of connection?  How effective has your networking been so far?

Lighthouse will

  • Assess your current techniques, and goals

  • Discus with you effective techniques and best practices

  • Create a plan for future networking success

Interview Coaching is a robust process that should be tailored to help you with your requirements and targets, and boost your confidence and control.


Skype/Telephone mock interviews will replicate real-life situations and questions specific to the roles you are interested in, and then provide you with actionable feedback. Lighthouse will

  • Prepare you for the competency-based interviews, and potential questions asked in these interviews.


  • Help you overcome your stress.


  • Discuss why recruiters / hiring managers ask the questions they do, and what they are looking for.

  • Share what to say/do and not to do during an interview, as well as simple body language techniques

  • Describe the rationale for behavioral, group, panel, case, telephone and/or video interviews



Whether you are managing a culturally diverse team, or looking to operate in new foreign markets, or moving to a new country, if you want to build relationships and improve your business, you will need to understand the

cultural differences and ways of doing business.


These differences can be around professional etiquette,  political/religious considerations, time management, contract negotiations, project management, etc... Lighthouse will

  • Work with you to learn about challenges and its business impact,


  • Discuss the etiquette for meetings in other markets,


  • Help you pinpoint cultural codes and differences, but avoid stereotypes,


  • Showcase the challenges of long-distance communication and how to avoid them

  • Improve your communication efficiency in an international environment


So you have aced that interview and just received your job offer

or you are due to meet you manager soon for a salary negotiation,

learn from the mistakes of others and not replicate them yourself.  Lighthouse will

  • Help you highlight your strengths and values,


  • Practice mock negotiations and provide you feedback,


  • Discuss Do's and Dont's in a negotiation,


  • Showcase the challenges of long-distance communication and how to avoid them



Lighthouse Career Consulting
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